What we do

At Infinity Engraving we supply our clients with a high quality product and service that meets their every need. Our prices are competitive and all our work is guaranteed, all orders are completed within 24 hours, if your order is received by 9am then it can be picked up or couriered that afternoon or the very next day.


We engrave stainless steel, plastic, acrylics, brass, Copper, glass and aluminium. We offer a large range of colours.


All of our engraving is done with machinery so every job has precise and even text


Infinity Engraving specialises in engraving of stainless steel, aluminium and brass plates.

Stainless steel can be engraved on our laser machine using a technique that allows us to engrave large designs and creations directly onto steel. Either provide us with your drawings and plates or we can design and source the steel for you.


Custom made panels are manufactured to your specification in any size and your choice of colour. These are perfect for clear and durable display of important information.

A custom panel can transform a series of mysterious switches and knobs into a professional and well labeled control centre.

Here are just a few examples of their usage by some of our customers:

  • electrical switchboards
  • refrigeration control systems
  • audio mixing desks
  • security monitors
  • intercom controls


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